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Category: AUCTION (6 records) Machinery Warehouse Reduction and Consignment Sale - May 19, 2020 @ 9AM

Item Photo Description
100A T100A-1.pngA 15% buyer's premium applies to this auction.
A 7% sales tax applies to this auction
(Story County Iowa)


100B T100B-1.jpgThis auction features extended bidding.
Any lot that gets a bid within the last minute
of its Scheduled Closing Time will remain open
for bids past its normal close, it will go into
extended bidding. It will remain open until there
are no bids on that lot for three minutes.

This only affects lots with last minute bids
other lots will continue to close at their
normal times. If you have questions please
call us at 866-961-3211

100C  This auction STARTS TO CLOSE
at 9:00 AM CDT at a rate of 2 lots
per minute

This auction will close at a rate of
2 lots per minute in order starting
at lot 100

For example
Lot 100 and 101 will close at 9:00 AM
lots 102 and 103 will close at 9:01 AM
this continues until all the
lots are closed.

100D T100D-1.jpgPreview Dates: Ames, IA
Monday May 18th (9AM - 4PM)

Removal Dates: Ames, IA
May 20th, 21st & 22nd (8AM - 4PM)

All purchases must be
paid for the day of removal.


100E T100E-1.jpgRigging/Removal:
Once an item is sold, the winning bidder
is responsible for its removal. Removal may
begin after payment in full has been completed.
All items MUST be removed by the posted
deadline or they will be considered abandoned.
It is highly encouraged that small, carryout items,
be removed as soon as possible beginning the day
after the auction. It is highly recommended that
you bring your own pallet jacks or carts to help
with removal. Anyone, either a buyer or rigger
who uses a powered vehicle to remove anything
from the auction site, will need a certificate of insurance. 

Insured: SMC Auctions
RE: (600 Arrasmith Trail, Ames, IA 50010)
Amount: $2,000,000 General Aggregate

100F T100F-1.jpgPrecision Rigging out of Ames, IA
will be the exclusive rigging company
for this auction. No other rigging
company will be allowed to work
in the building or on the property.

Rigging quotes will appear with relevant
lots before the auction begins
Pick Rates Begin at $35

Call Precision Rigging for more information

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